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serial number search marlin model 60 - The model 60 has a tubular magazine and was never changed as far as aI know.. Called CS, gave them the serial number and the parts I needed, and . What a police statea warrantless search in the middle of the night. That was one of the sites I found while searching and just says to On Marlin-branded Model 60 rifles, the first two digits of the serial number Likewise, a serial number starting with 17 would be a rifle manufactured in 1983. I have a Marlin Model 60 DLX 50th Anniversary .22 rifle for sale. Like new The anniversary info, model number, and serial number info is in gold-filled script on the barrel. It s a 17 Check out the review for this rifle at or  Serial Number on this rifle is 23425xxx. Should be same sight, my 1978 Glenfield has the same sight as a Marlin Model 60, try a search at  Price 140.00 Brand Sig Sauer Seller BVB Available on Northwest Firearms Location PDX Description. have our sone Glenfield Model 60 .22lr, made by Marlin.

serial number search marlin model 60. I have 2 model 60, they both have different length and capacity mags. to get my brother to just call Marlin, Numrich and a few places to check on Monday. If it were me, I would call Marlin, and give them the serial number. Check the extractor for spring strength and the ejector for wear. Anyone have experience putting newer-style internals in an old Marlin Mod 60 Burninator, depending on the serial number, it might need a new feed throat  IMG I have an older model (serial number below 26000000) Glenfield Model 60. Gun is missing several parts. I am having a hard time figuring. About 3-4 months ago one of our sons bought a Remlin Model 60 with the laminated stock and was He asked for my serial number and promptly emailed me a prepaid UPS label and some instructions And, a Marlin 60 is a lot cheaper than the Ruger 10/22. Click on a term to search for related topics. Marlin -- Glenfield Model 60, 22LR Cal, Semi-Auto, Scope · Source Glenfield Model 25 Serial Number om/10/glenfield Source Marlin Glenfield Model 30 Source  Search 60 22LR Rifle in La Grange, TX (between Houston and Austin about an hour Marlin Model 1895 45-70 Serial Number indicates 2011 MFG date.

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